” big navigator 3 ” individual comment

” big navigator 3 ” it is the game of marine commerce imitate that is stage setting with Chinese Sa allied times, it is the boreal Europe area of 14 centuries actually, player need develops to have the noble of countless fortune from the commerce practitioner of an unknown to public, become finally get the mayor of people support, in this process to earn more capital, gain taller reputation, win larger support, the player must have trade, manage, investment, construction waits a series of activities a moment, with ” old nautical age ” the game style of series romance is disparate, ” big navigator ” what what build is a true trade scene, the Chinese edition that rolls out this can let a player experience the hard course of the road that sets foot on a noble fitly.

The operation of game can undertake switch between two interfaces normally, among them one is town interface, another is nautical interface, let us be familiar with town interface above all.

Town interface cent is 5 parts, include window of column of tool of column of graph of skeletonize of town detail drawing, town, caption, pushbutton and choice, these are the parts that the player needs to master above all.

Town detail drawing showed the complete picture of whole town, the part that the city wall surrounds is town center, all sorts of public facilities are built here, there is much land to let a player build all sorts of plants beyond the city wall, click these buildings to still can obtain relevant detailed data, the dweller in clicking town also can receive their opinion, mobile mouse perhaps uses directional key to be able to control the viewpoint that examines town.

Town skeletonize graph is in the right upper part of screen, among them white pane expresses to be in at present advocate the town extent that shows in the picture, click the place that can reach town middle finger to decide immediately on small map directly.

Screen most of upper part is caption column, from left to right icon ordinal express town population, town the name, number that has a building in town, capital number that has currently and present time, and click these icon to still can show relevant data. The number of the plute in clicking the poll icon by town population to be able to be informed town, wealthy person, poor and beggar and they current mood, if the residence in town slants little, be here to also can show somewhat. In clicking what town building icon can make a player clear to see town, what building is a player, what building is a competitor. Click the finance statistic that current fund icon can examine him player, include company value, housing, shipbuilding and the material such as all income, defray. Click the sandglass icon on the side of present time to be able to get all sorts of information of the Chinese Sa alliance such as set up shop, election, famine.

The lower part that pushbutton tool column pursues in town skeletonize, from left to right ordinal for ship list, quickly, news, construction, leave town, option. All ship list before clicking ship list pushbutton to be able to examine a player to become and a few fundamental conditions. Quickening pushbutton raise game rate, if feel the rate that the ship sails is too slow, can click quicken pushbutton, such playtime can be accelerated, when the ship arrives at destination to perhaps produce certain and special event playtime can regain the position of initiative set again. All sorts of correspon爱上海同城论坛

dence that click news pushbutton to be able to examine a player to receive. Click construction pushbutton to be able to make different installation in town, click leave town pushbutton to be able to enter nautical interface, option pushbutton is to have systematic set, file take file.

When waiting for specific establishment without ship of make choice of, building, choosing the window do not show any data, when introducing ship, building the author will undertake comparative an expatiation.

It is OK also to become the player after the ship leaves town the condition that switch observes offing to go up to nautical interface, advocate the picture pursues for maritime space, little picture is maritime space skeletonize to pursue, the ship that what caption column shows is a player distributings circumstance, include measure of amount of vessel of guard of haven ship amount, maritime ship amount, haven and maritime guard vessel. The fundamental condition of each town can see on maritime space graph, blue states this town is his home town, the blue place that takes red group states this town establishs the trade office that has a player, click these places to be able to enter this town interface directly, red expresses to have not establish trade office in this town, the basic information of this town can get only after clicking, still can understand this from the small icon by town name additionally which kinds of goods is lacked most in town, this can be best clew shrewd to businessman.

The altogether of type of merchandise in game has 20 kinds, low average high price sells going out is the important step that the businessman accumulates capital, because this must have adequate knowledge to these commodity, before introducing goods the author shows the goods unit in game even, the loading capacity of the ship has upper limit, with the unit ” bucket ” will express, because the unit of this majority commodity also is a bucket, but wait for commodity to paddy, lumber, bucket this one unit is too small rather, then game set another unit ” box ” , one box goods is equal to 10 pails, from here we also should understand, ship jacket carries the goods that is an unit with the bucket to be able to save much space, scores gain also wants a lot of taller.

In 20 kinds of commodity, have cloth, honey, sperm, bitumen, beer, leather, bishop, hide, crockery, ironwork, flavor and salt with what the bucket is an unit; What be an unit with box is paddy, hemp, lumber, flesh, cast iron, abb, fish and brick, the commodity that can say to differ is the dw上海千花网论坛

eller that the class differs in supplying game, the commodity that for instance the poor loves is cloth, beer, salt commonly, and wealthy person is interested in bishop, hide, flavor, the demand of contented and different dweller can rise him the prestige in these crowds, must not attend to one thing and lose another.

Here introduces a part to be able to acquire the product of bigger gain in game, ironwork, cloth and bishop, the demand that the advantage of ironwork depends on each town is very big, and spend career fast, normally buy the price to be able to be controlled in 300 the left and right sides, and sell the price can be achieved 500, recommending is inchoate admirable profitable object. Cloth has the gain with big demand likewise, profit compares ironwork slightly low, purchase cost nevertheless lower, and the danger that basically does not have keep long in stock. Bishop although each district demand is not big, but the biggest gain is to only a city produces in great quantities, as long as can forestall is other the sale of town, it is a shortcut that becomes rich quickly absolutely.

Can see from the name of game game is medium absolutely little not boat, right, maritime commerce is the most important part in game, because this chooses appropriate oneself ship establishs a powerful maritime trade caravan is a necessary process, introduce how to examine the fundamental condition of the ship below first.

Oneself boat chooses in town interface, in opening condition window the first ” commodity ” can see the detailed data about this boat, top left corner is boat name, boat under one’s name just is the voyage condition of this boat, of anchor marine the icon of anchorage shape expresses, the ship in the voyage is the icon of a boat, ship destination is on the right side of voyage condition, anchor when what show of course is the name of anchor town. Treat the specific condition that is a ship toward lower part again, have a boat fast, fast degree, jack-tar amount, armed degree and carring capacity circumstance, influence boat fast the element is more, of jack-tar how many, the speed of itself of the circumstance of carring capacity, ship and fast matter to a boat fast on any account, want to raise a boat fast also want integrated these elements will consider. Of the ship fast degree can be lengthened as the time of the voyage and drop gradually, if do not rely on harbor for long, fast degree of descendent case will be more severe, but let a ship the most easily suffer inflict heavy losses on say the charge that is pirate even, once be hit the target to be able to make a ship fast and rapid drop by the artillery shell of pirate, not only speed is decreased madly, still have finally by the danger of bombard and sink, because this suggests game is earlier,escape desperately had better, when the ship fast town can reach after reducing medium dockyard or it is repair dock undertake repairing, but the time of lay-up also is too a bit longer really. Jack-tar is ship place must, the ship that does not have jack-tar is essential cannot set 上海龙凤论坛

out on a voyage, OK in the cafes of town recruit arrives jack-tar, weekly of course need pays them certain reward, the jack-tar measure that different ship can plan is different also, be in commonly game is earlier, to save expenditure, the jack-tar of lowermost measure can be deployed only on the ship, but later period considers a boat fast and the case of fight of the board in naval battle, taking full jack-tar also is imperative. When there are any weapons on the ship, the armed degree of the ship won’t have any show, only here just can appear after equipment weapon the armed rate number of pellet shape, among them the actual strength that a big pellet is equal to 5 roundlet ball, should might as well after experience pirate will judge through bilateral armed degree have how many a stratagem which ensures success, if can eliminate pirate successfully, but the prestige of oneself rises quite quickly oh. The carring capacity circumstance of the ship is to use a cask to come denotive, 3 numbers on the side are specific specification, above a the largest loading capacity that is this boat, below one is this boat jack-tar and the load that armed place takes, the number among is the goods carring capacity of this boat. In this window most lower part is detailed goods information, all article that this boat lades are here.

The 2nd is ” sailor ” , concern here at jack-tar amount, salary, arm and the captain’s information, after relying on harbor can jack-tar people fire, if jack-tar morale is low,reject set out on a voyage to be able to try, did not forget new collect of course a batch of jack-tar go aboard. Inchoate does not have a captain on moment boat, the player must go to the hotel in town try one’s luck, and competitor also can arrange a captain for their ship, after meeting a captain accordingly, had better not let off easily. The captain has 3 property, it is to trade respectively, nautical, naval battle, attribute is taller have an advantage more in corresponding activity, in addition nautical time is longer the captain’s experience is richer also, attribute also can rise subsequently. The ship that owns a captain still has a special statement, that is automatic commerce, introduce in detail for everybody later.

The 3rd is ” arm ” , can examine the information of the weaponry on the ship. Ship weapon cent is large weapon and small-sized weapon, main type is lapidation machine, crossbow machine and cannon, the weapon shop in town can be bought, but the positional ability that there must be a weapon to be set beforehand on the ship equips quite.

The 4th is ” establish frigate group ” , the 5th is ” disband frigate group ” , the condition that establishs frigate group is what must a boat has 50 above is fast, the armed degree of the jack-tar of 20 above and above of 2 big pellet, all this fleet is medium ships after creating frigate group will act together, unless the player is disbanded or it is to appoint among them ship to head for somewhere else.

The building sort in game is quite rich, it is the fixed establishment that town itself has partly among them, one part is the town that makes by the player public facilities, still having is all sorts of production facilities that the player can build, do to explain in detail to the function of all sorts of buildings below.

Bourse: The green near haven is built, all trading that must undertake here, the meeting when trading indicates the value of shop merchandise.

Cafes: The employ jack-tar, captain, demand news that asks about each district, buy sailor weapon, lend pirate the ship, undertake with robber underground trades, still can be in in addition by hall accepts a few little jobs.

Consortium: Add the ship that oneself can auction after consortium, can investigate the basic material of other member in consortium, examine the trade situation with other sea area.

Cast a factory: Grow to population (especially wealthy person) have a few effects, look to individual reputation (be in especially the prestige of rich philtrum) have certain effect.

Manufacturing facilities includes to raw material is produced and process trade two parts, the home that raw material produces establishment to include fisher, farm (wheaten) , farm (hemp) , place of sawmill, apiculture, animal form (ox) , animal form (sheep) , ironworks and grapery; Treatment estate facilities includes factory of factory, brickyard, bitumen, textile mills, winery, make saltern, ceramics factory and chase hut, each establishment production and wear out condition are as follows.

The home of fisher: Use up salt, hemp, produce fish (in this De Erma, Aoerbao, abstruse this, low Er root, in Peng Hai produces sperm)

In game the player can be received come from the government, private and all sorts of information on commerce, good news nature also has a bad news, a shrewd businessman should accomplish seek advantageous to oneself share from which.

License: In the begining the player is in game only oneself home town has trade office, want to be in office of trade of other town open to must receive the permission of this town, undertake with this town much trade activity raises his prestige ability to get only.

Accuse: If the player offended in game law, for instance bribe robber him loot the smuggling material of other of competitor, conceal, once the thing discloses,can get so the prosecution of town, did not boodle in the court decision to before at once official of one laxative remedy.

Court decision: After 上海千花网交友

receiving accuse letter if do not have bribery judge or it is bribery failure, forensic court decision can be gotten after period of time so, it is inside time limit pay fines certainly normally, suggest to leasehold place turn over to the higher authorities goes on the horse, exceeded time limit otherwise not only fine number can rise, oneself prestige also can drop considerably.

Propose: The introductory cost of 3000 money can be changed an a wife, boat and a few kinds or types of goods, still compare be to one’s profit, if choose to accept, so bridal meeting is held after period of time, water of many food alcoholic drink should prepare during this, so bridal ability can do ceremoniously, oneself prestige also can rise many.

Help person marriage: Somebody should marry, need prepares a few bridal material, the player’s task purchases these material to waiting for the other side to take namely, the pay after the task is finished also is perfectly.

Conceal goods: Smuggling dealer hope can be in the player’s storehouse conceal a few goods, if accept the requirement that needs fibrous root occupies the other side to buy a few kinds or types of goods,come the goods of covering smuggling, can be sued otherwise certainly.

Hearsay, superstitious: Oneself ship can touch on a few curious and strange things always in nautical process, to jack-tar people also can cause various effects, the captain can convey a player these message at any time, do not pass and the place that it doesn’t matter needs to worry about.

Donate: Need player waits for the building contribution of such for the orphanage, home of jack-tar, can enhance certain prestige, still contribute when capital is more a few good.

Duty sheet: The duty Wu detail that weekly metropolis receives, the salary of the taxes that includes all sorts of factory establishment, captain, jack-tar, worker is waited a moment.

Ship commerce: Set is automatic after trade line, every time the gain case that commerce ends a captain to be able to send settle accounts detail to report whole trade, if discover profit is too little,be deficit even, that is about to undertake one time was adjustmented immediately.

Common saying says ” the person does not make me, I not convict ” , come up in the sea all the year round nevertheless will go unavoidable should hit a few encounter with pirate, if be game initial stage, suggest to ship withdrawal allows instantly after the player enters action picture, it is OK usually escape smoothly of an evil hands, if discover boat him speed ratio of pirate boat fast fast, so had surrendered, can conserve at least the safety of the ship, a bit goods still can earn the loss again come back, if hold to war of resistance against aggression, that is afraid freight was not protected. Escort group can be established after having particular actual strength when the player, want to let neat weapon of the equipment on brunt battleship, jack-tar only, small pirate w上海同城对对碰交友社区

on’t come round to annoy normally, always can have daredevil, that lets them taste fierce.

The naval battle in game is made immediately, after entering action picture advocate screen can show area of whole naval battle is panoramic, nature of the small screen is skeletonize graph express, what appear in pushbutton tool column is the player can be in naval battle all sorts of instructions of make known to lower levels, include to choose us completely ship, capture enemy boat, desert, surrender to wait with systematic option, particular operation wants first make choice of our ship. In ship condition window, choose the current condition that the vessel can see after his ship, here can see the case of ship equipment weapon clearly, the artillery of two side atttacks shipboard namely main measure of the enemy. The drill of the ship charges a means not complex, mouse right key controls the travel direction of the ship, gules helm shape icon controls artillery to blast off, the icon of long string shape commands a ship fast, after the simplest attack orders the warship that chooses his namely, with the mouse right key clicks the enemy’s ship, such our ships are met firing automatically to enemy boat, if set capture the instruction reoccupy right key of enemy boat clicks enemy boat, so our ship can bear down on the target undertakes cut and thrust, nevertheless the AI of computer is really dare not flatter, apparent we occupy the battle of actor to perhaps can fail, because this still is oneself,will operate.

Some points are worth a player to notice in naval battle, it is to choose which kinds of means and enemy to fight above all, be when enemy boat jack-tar is not much is OK choose cut and thrust, the kind that needs to use artillery to atttack conversely and enemy deal with) . Ability of period of time has wanted to blast off again after artillery firings every time, from board the condition of artillery can be judged piece whether already be all set. Still need to judge force of wind direction zephyr according to the flap of colour of celestial medium cloud in naval battle, luff can reduce the maneuverability of the ship greatly, quite adverse circumstance is in naval battle, because this should avoid this kind of appearance as far as possible.

Should be in ” big navigator 3 ” in the position that mounts a mayor is not an easy thing, need the capital with quite abundant scrape up on one hand, have enough reputation even on one hand, of prestige rise to need many capital to serve as backing as much, because this says making money is the biggest job in game also is not worth,had been, after was familiar with whole game system, what players should do next is the way that seeks to become rich.

Game initial stage, the player is had only a few capital and ship, add the office of a trade that has native place only, cannot get the demand information of other town, because this also cannot develop large-scale trade activity, can lean only a few small-sized trade come to those who have sth used to one’s own advantage accumulate, the object nature of preferential development is a few town of his home town and periphery. Want to understand the basic message of town above all, every town has him to produce flourishing commodity, production low confused commodity and cannot the commodity that oneself produce, for instance town rupee is overcome, bitumen, ironwork, fish and bricky production are flourishing, production of paddy, hemp, timber is low fan, the others commodity does not have production completely, the bourse that so rupee overcomes often has the hoard for speculation such as the ironwork with a large number of low prices, fish, and cloth, beer, honey often is in short supply again, the player seizes such opportunity with respect to need, in rupee the gram buys ironwork and fishmonger to sell costly town, rupee gram is trafficced to come after buying low from the town that teems with the commodity such as cloth, beer, honey next, among them price difference is the player’s profit.

The player should be right after the small-sized trade that passes period of time circumjacent town had more intimate knowledge, capital also got accumulating gradually, can consider to build new vessel to enlarge his commerce limits at this moment, expand to area of whole north Europe from circumjacent town, original of course line also cannot bedraggled, can automatic trade line comes to set make money, still can promote oneself the prestige in circumjacent town at the same time, as a result of prestige rise ceaselessly, partial town can issue the license that establishs trade office to the player, the construction fund that does not spend trade office still compares a large number for not much to initial stage capital, and pay every week even uphold charge, the player had better be do according to one’s abilities. Join consortium more importantly however instead, initial stage joins consortium to need 20000 right-and-left capital only, arrived later period is about 75000, still enter first for beautiful.

After capital exceeds 500 thousand, cannot be satisfied at support trades basically to make money, commodity of proper motion production is to get more the optimal way of golden eggs, batch production can fall cost to lowest, the gain that the player gets is the biggest also of course. Profit has introduced to compare big commodity before nothing more than ironwork, cloth, bishop these a few kinds, ironwork can say is first-rate commodity, because it is taken here,serve as example. The production raw material of ironwork is lumber and cast iron, and the manufacturing facilities that can build in different town also is not identical, accordingly for managing carriage cost, the town that can build ironworks, sawmill and plant at the same time can say the superexcellent area that is manufacturing ironwork, this De Erma is so an excellent place. Integrated effect must consider when building上海贵族宝贝论坛

manufacturing facilities, sawmill produces 14 box timber every week below the circumstance of worker all seats taken (graph 023) , the ironworks produces 3.5 box cast iron every week below the circumstance of worker all seats taken, the factory uses up 2.1 box lumber and cast iron every week below the circumstance with enough data of worker all seats taken, produce 21 pails of ironwork, according to this circumstance, the optimal scale of sawmill, ironworks and factory should be 3 ∶ 12 ∶ 20, normally nevertheless the circumstance issues set to be 1 ∶ 4 ∶ 6 about the same also, a few the rest lumber and cast iron still can sell.

After building manufacturing facilities, need has enough worker to work, if hand is insufficient, the output of commodity will be quite little, so pay high specified number taxes but too not be to one’s profit, and the worker’s amount and be closely bound up of town dweller amount, because this must let town have bigger appeal, build the school (graph 024) , the population amount that the demand that presents dweller of food, contented town in cathedral can promote town effectively, population rises to also can cause residential shortage directly, do not forget so build a few buildings to rent. Dumping strategy can be developed to whole area after be being stabilized gradually when commodity output level, a large number of low-priced goods can reach the degree of forestall completely, a good deal of money also can flow into the player’s pocket, but slowly the productivity that the player can discover to these town are less than him far to the demand of commodity, if if things go on like this can make necessarily much merchandise keep long in stock, how can just raise town the demand to commodity, only way promotes the population of target town the volume namely, before the business that once had done repeats a few times again.

While each town consume ability to rise, what the player will discover his commodity is successful also is occupational each markets, can consider to undertake a variety of commodity develop at the same time now, the commodity that relies on computer to produce cannot satisfy the requirement of giant town crowd for certain, so need chooses partial town to undertake developing, strive for all commodity can autarky, also need not worry about citizens so because of demand dissatisfaction be on bad terms because of a difference of opinion.

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